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Conditional Cash Transfer (CCT) programs have been implemented around the world with the aim of providing targeted cash assistance to low income families. In the Philippines,  supported by the World Bank, this program has helped thousands of families provide for the most basic needs,  food, school supplies and transportation.

The program has not been without its critics who point to a handout mentality that does not encourage families to seek employment.   This film and photography project was conceived as a way to explain how the program has actually helped families emerge from poverty.   We spent time with three families  in Iloilo, Laoag and Metro  Manila. 

For these families the CCT program has enabled them to  send their children to  school  and gain higher education.  While the program is not a singular solution to poverty it is without a doubt a force for  change.

Director / Photographer: Francisco Guerrero

Producer:   Clara Balaguer

Writer:  Meggy de Guzman

Post-Production: Quiapost

Camera Op: Von Simbul

Camera Op: Jake Espedido

Camera Op:  Nana Buxani

Camera Op: Luis Liwanag

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